Kelly Wells
Are you living the life you truly want?

Intuitive Transformational Coach & Healer

Is there some part of your life that needs to change for the better now? Is there a “story” that just seems to keep repeating itself, over and over? Are you finally ready to say enough to experiences of hopelessness, deep despair, betrayal, running away, lost love, fighting for what is rightfully yours, and anger over how things should be different? 

All of us experience moments when we ask ourselves big questions like "am I good enough, can I prove myself, why is there never enough money or time or love, will I ever find nourishment or support?". Too often our experience of the world is a resounding "NO". But that simply is not true. There is much more to these "stories" than we can sometimes admit, realize, or can even be consciously aware of. And more than we can take on by ourselves.

Say YES to transformation

Are you ready to identify blind spots that are holding you back? To dissolve & release the energy blockages that are interfering with connecting to your higher self, intuitive wisdom, and purpose? Every one of us is worthy of something much greater. We can re-connect with our truth. We can re-write our story. We can begin again.  All of this - and more - can be accomplished through transformational coaching and intuitive healing. 


Intuitive Transformational Coaching & Healing

Everything that you say and do - even who you are at your core - is built upon a foundation of your past. Childhood memories, lessons learned throughout life, work experiences, relationship trials and successes, EVERYTHING you've ever experienced has shaped the person you are today. So why do those experiences often leave you unsupported, struggling financially, in unfulfilling or failing relationships, unsatisfied with your career? Because you, like most people, are not living a life created by your authentic, higher self.

Transformational coaching will guide you to re-discover your abilities to experience keen self-awareness, clarity, self-confidence, taking control of your life, and make new choices. You will experience freedom, liberation, conviction, decisiveness, greater intuition, trust, connection, self-knowing, self-love and acceptance, greater joy, increased energy, knowing true desires and saying YES to those desires, knowing what you are capable of and achieving it.




Paula M. I am writing to express my gratitude for you. I am eternally grateful the Universe guided us together to do this work..

Brandon L. All I can say is AMAZING. Kelly worked with me from a distance of many states and it was surprising how tuned in she can be from that far away! I can't wait to have Kelly work with me more on how to solve some of my issues.

Kelly is excited to announce she will be part of Metaphysically Fit Fest 2015. Come out and enjoy an amazing day of yoga, music and metaphysical workshops!